“The Fellowship of God”

“The Fellowship of God”

Monday, October 23.

“We proclaim to you what we have seen and heard, so that you also may have fellowship with us.  And our fellowship is with the father and with His Son, Jesus Christ.” 1 John 1:3

There are all kinds of fellowship.  There is a fellowship of Boys Scouts.  There are fellowships of free masons, fraternities, army veterans, and the list goes on.  Fellowship is more than just socializing.   When we come to church, we talk about all kinds of things.  But the main reason we come to fellowship is to talk about God. God is the primary reason we come to the house of God.  In Acts 2:42, the Bible tells us that the 1st Century Christians “devoted themselves to the apostle’s teachings and the fellowship.”  The Christians during that time were being taught the word of God.  They wanted to share the word of God with other believers.  When we are in fellowship with God, we want to be around God’s people.  We will want to pray together and come to Bible studies together.  We will always want to find happiness in God’s house and among God’s people.  When a person is out of fellowship with God, the person is out of fellowship with other Christians.  It is important to know that a person who is living cover up sin, will try to make others live in sin.  The person will forsake the fellowship because of a hidden sin.  We must be careful not to be carry away by such lack of fellowship.  We must always understand that the fellowship of God is very important.  We must always come to the study of God’s word.  We must always pray together.  We must endeavor to attend church service.  It is our prayer that God will lead you through your fellowship with Him.

Memory verse: Matthew 18:20

“Love…includes fellowship in suffering, in joy and in effort.” Albert Schweitzer

“Taming Our Tongue”

“Taming Our Tongue”

Friday, October 21.

“But the tongue can no man tame; it is a restless evil, it is full of deadly poison.” James 3:8

The scripture above presents something difficult for every believer.  The scripture tells us that it is difficult to tame the tongue.  If it is difficult to control the tongue, then it is difficult for us Christians to control the word we say to others.  This is true because many Christians will say words to other that are hurtful or offensive.  Husbands or wives will say hurtful words to each other out of mistake.  Siblings will say words to each other that put a wedge between them.  Words that are said to others bring confusion, division, fights, or other bad situations between people.  Wrong words can even put nations at war with each other.  How can we control our words so that we can be a blessings to others?  How can we control our words so that we be a blessings to the church and our fellow Christians? First, we must understand that controlling our tongue enable us to be good disciples of Christ.  It gives us the opportunity to speak life into others, comfort, edify, and exhort others.  This brings people together.  It is alarming when James tells us that no one can tame the tongue.  But James also provides answers.  The Bible provides answers.  We can lean on Jesus Christ to help us control our tongue.  We can ask the Holy Spirit to guide our every word when we speak.  We can be a born again believer and still say words that are wrong.  But we can ask the Holy Spirit for guidance to help edify our tongue.  The Holy Spirit will help us not to say things that are not of God.  Let us trust and ask for the help of the Holy Spirit to guide us always in how we talk.  I pray that the Holy Spirit will give us wisdom at all times, when we utter words.  Let it be our prayers that God will give us wisdom that our words will be a blessings to others.

Memory verse: James 3:6

“The tongue is a small thing, but it is strong enough to break a heart.” Facebook.com/Iloveinspiration.

“The Power of God”

“The Power of God”

Wednesday, October 18.

“For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but for those of us who are being saved it is the power of God.”  1Corinthians 1:18

In the world today, many people ridicule the gospel of Jesus Christ.  They make mockery of Christians an their beliefs.  They look at the message of the cross as foolishness.  On university campuses, intellectuals coined arguments that pictured following Christ as foolishness.  In schools, kids are given the impression that Christianity is a myth.  They teach children that God did not create the world. All of these things show that people do not realize the power of the cross.  Christians ought not to be intimidate by these things.  The time is now, for Christians to teach the simple truth that people who do not understand the power of the cross are perishing.  There are no two ways about this.  You either accept Christ and be saved, or reject Christ and perish in your sins.  Paul makes it clear in his first letter to the church at Corinth, that the message of the cross is the power of God.  The message of the cross is that Jesus Christ was killed on the cross for our redemption.  By his death and resurrection, everyone who believes Him will be saved. This is the heart of the Christian message and the essence of our Christianity.  The foolishness of the world comes in the from of book smart, political correctness, peer pressure, cultural norms, or scientific knowledge.  Whatever you may call it, I pray that God opens they eyes of people who put down the message of the cross.  It is our prayer that people will come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Memory verse: Proverbs 19:5

“Salvation is free but discipleship cost everything we have.” Billy Graham



“God Can Heal the Broken-hearted.”

“God Can Heal the Broken-Hearted.”

Tuesday, October 17.

“He heals the broken-hearted and bandages their wounds.” Psalms 147:3

I lost my dad at a tender age.  I was young.  I was eight years of age.  I was a third grader. I skipped fourth grade and got promoted to sixth grade.  I went through middle and high schools without my dad.  But I graduated with flying colors. On my graduation day, I was filled with sadness that my dad did not live to see me graduate.  My only source of comfort was my mom, who alone knew what I was going through at that moment in my life.  She came looking for me, when I couldn’t be found among the guests who had gathered to celebrate.  She told me, “If you want to make your dad proud, go to college and complete your education.”  She always told me that education was all my dad wanted for his children.  My mom passed in 2010.  I missed her so much that I was filled with grief.  In life, we all will come to a point of being broken hearted.  We will cry at the lost of a relative or a friend.  We will be broken hearted when our marriages crumbled.  We will be broken hearted at the lost of a job.  Through these turbulent times, God is going to be by our side.  The Psalmists assured us that God will heal us in due time.  I do not know what you are going through right now, but I want to assure you that God is with you.  I have been through tough times.  As the saying goes, “tough times don’t last, tough people do,” God will make you tough.  God assures us that ‘he will not leave us nor forsake us.’  All you have to do today is to trust him.  Cast your cares upon him and he will lift you up.

Memory verse: 2 Corinthians 1:3

“Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destination.” Unknown

“Created in the Image of God”

“Created in the Image of God”

Monday, October 16.

“You were Created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness.”  Ephesians 4:11-24

When a person accepts Christ Jesus, the person becomes a child of God.  The person then belongs to the kingdom of God, and is joint heir with Christ Jesus of all the inheritance of God the father.  When God created man, he created man in his own image and after his likeness. God himself placed his hands in the dust and breath into man’s nostril the breath of life.  He blessed man tremendously. Paul emphasizes this point in Ephesians 4, that we were made to like God.  God is a holy God.  There is no other God besides him.  This means that we as Christians ought be holy.  We are separated from sin. We should be intimately connected to God.  When Paul caution us in Ephesians 4, he wants us to separate ourselves from the godlessness around us.  He wants us to separate ourselves from the immorality around us.  The church is not always going to be filled with holy people.  But the mere fact that Christ cleansed the church, it is going to be holy.  Christ cleansing of the church covers our sins.  Therefore, we must strive to live according to how Christ wants us to live.  We must not involve ourselves in sins.  We must free ourselves from immorality, back biting, sowing seed of division in the house of God, and stop creating ways for those who are not Christians to make a mockery of God.  Let us always find opportunity for our speech to be a blessing to others.  Let us avoid the life style of sin.  It my prayer that we will live godly lives by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Memory verse: 1 Peter 2:1

“Perfect holiness is the aim of the saints on earth, and it is the rewards of the saints in heaven.” Joseph Caryl

“Peace on Earth.”

“Peace on Earth.”

Tuesday, October 10.

“Do not be afraid, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all people.” Luke 2:10

Today is my daughter’s birthday.  Her name is Abigail meaning father’s joy.  Whenever her name is mentioned, joy is what I celebrate.  So I stayed up because of the time difference, to wish her happy birthday.  She responded as she has always, “Daddy I love you, take care and peace to you.”  As I read her respond, I thought deeply about the word peace.  The reality of the fact that I was in a hurry this morning to attend the 187th session, of the Ohio/South Ohio Conference, 3rd Episcopal District of the AME Church, this was no calm attitude.  So I paused and reflected on God’s peace.  I thought about the good news, the angels who had come to announce Jesus’ birth brought.  The angels urged everyone not be afraid, for Christ will give us peace.  The reality around us is not peaceful.  There are wars and rumors of wars.  There are bitterness all over the place.  Hatred is apparent.  With all these sad conditions, we can count on one thing, God’s peace is everlasting.  The time will come when we will enjoy God’s peace.  We will have peace like we have never known before.  We will have peace with God.  Jesus defeated Satan.  The defeat of sin, and its leader Satan, assures us a place in God’s kingdom.  In God’s kingdom, we will enjoy life everlasting.  Ask God today for His peace to reign in your life.

Memory verse:Isaiah 26:3

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” John F. Kennedy

“Teaching Our Children to Know God”

“Teaching Our Children About God.”

Thursday, October 5.

“Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the Kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:13-14

Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior taught about the importance of children.  In one scenario, Christ rebuked His own disciples for stopping parents, from bringing their children to Him.  He later lay His hands on them and prayed for the children.  He also pointed out that the little children belongs to the kingdom of heaven.  Isn’t that wonderful to hear.  If Jesus Christ informed us that children were important to the kingdom of God, then we should always make it our business to help our children to know Jesus.  We should help our children to know God.  One way we can teach our children about God, is to teach them that everything on the earth was created by God.  Teach children, the Bible says we should trust God.  Teach children that God is bigger then our understanding.   If we teach our children that the food, the clothes, the toys we give them were provided by God through us, they will learn that God is real.  We will find out that children will ask us many questions about God. They will ask questions like, “Who made God? Why do God want us to breathe?  The reason they ask such questions is to learn.  Anything we tell them sticks. They will go out into the world and hear and see good things.  They will always believe that these things come from God.  We must seize any opportunity to teach them about the Creator.  Let us pray that our children will know God every day.

Memory verse: Matthew 18:1

“Father, I pray my child looks to you for strength to hold strong to convictions.  Psalm28:7


“Running the Christian Race”

“Running the Christian Race”

Wednesday, October 4.

“I have fought the good fight. I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”  2 Timothy 4:7

Every Christian will understand that the Christian life is a journey of faith.  We hear about Jesus and the good news of the gospel.  We take a step forward and believe in our hearts that Jesus Christ is Lord.  We begin a journey in life.  In this journey, we strive to live a life that is worthy of our calling in this journey of life.  At the end of the journey, there is a price for each one of us.  In this journey of life, God has called us heavenward.  Toward the end of his life on this earth, the apostle Paul made it clear how he journeyed.  He pointed out that the journey of faith is a fight.  He fought well.  He finished the race heavenward.  Paul statement in 2 Timothy chapter two clearly tells us that he kept the faith.  This is the difficult part in our journey heavenward.  In order to win the race on this journey, we must be faithful.  We must keep our commitment to always love God. We must keep our commitment to labor in His vineyard.  We must tithe faithfully.  We must used the talents He has given us for the good of the work of God.  We can achieve all of this by holding unto Jesus Christ.  Paul would not have been successful in this Christian journey, if he had not trusted Jesus.  When Paul in Philippians 4:1 talks about “standing firm in the Lord,” he talks about keeping a grip on Jesus.  Christians have no power  of their own.  The only power that is there is to hold unto is the power of Jesus.  Let us trust Jesus while we run this Christian race.

Memory verse: Philippians 3:14

“Everyday, do something that will lead you closer to God.” ibelieve.com

“When God Calls You”

“When God Calls You”

Tuesday, October 3

“Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, here am I; send me.”

In this 21st Century of ours, the essence of God ‘s calling is almost lost.  It is just not too important anymore.  People go into ministry for reasons that does not relate to doing God’s work.  They go for the wrong reasons.  The calling of God is important, because it the Almighty God calling, and it He who will give us directions.  Since it is God who calls us, it is important we obey the call.  God has bless us immensely with abilities.  God has bless us with talents.  We all have different abilities.  We have different talents.  We do not have any excuse.  God already knows what talent we possess, before He even makes the call.  God already knows the credentials you have.  God just wants one thing from us: make ourselves available.  If we do just that, God will use us tremendously to do the work He has called us to do.  Some of us have been called to sing in the house of God.  Some of us have the gifts of administration.  Some have been bless with the ability to give.  Whatever that gift is, it is important to answer God by making ourselves available to Him.  He will equip us with whatever it takes, to do and complete the work He has called us to do.  Today, the church needs you.  Today the church has work to be done.  We must not delay and not hear the call.  When Isaiah heard the call, he made himself available.  Isaiah 6  Many men of God made excuse,s when God called them, but God used them anyhow. God is waiting for you today.  Please be obedient.

Memory verse: 2 Timothy 1:8

“Whenever God calls us to a task, He will equip us.” Michael Youssef

“Pleasing God!”

“Pleasing God!”

Monday, October 2nd.

“But without faith it is impossible to please God.  He who cometh to God must believe that God is and He is a rewarded of them that diligently seeks Him.”   Hebrew 11:6

In the genesis account, God had told Abraham to leave everything he had and go to  land where he would be blessed.  Abraham believed God .  He left and went to a place where God had shown him  Abraham was blessed.  God promised Abraham a son.  This promise was made when Abraham’s wife Sara was well past the age of giving birth to a child.  God made good on His promise.  Abraham had Isaac as His son.  There are many other instances in scriptures, where people believed in God.  God gave them what they asked.  I like to give example of myself, when it comes to believing God for what you need.  As a refugee in Ghana, I had no money to continue my education.  Wanting to go into the medical field, I applied at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.  I did not have the money, but that did not stop me.  I applied at the Ghana Christian University and was accepted.  I went to school with no money at all.  I did not even have a suitcase to put my clothes in.  I left the refugee camp with my clothes and belongings in a black polythene bag.  I believed that God was going to pay my school fees.  I attended for a whole year without paying a dime.  At the start of the second year, I was told, I could no longer be allowed to attend classes.  I could no longer stay on the dormitories.  But I believed God. God, through the Christian Council of Ghana, paid my first year arears and two addition years of tuition.  I had three years of tuition paid in a single day.  He provided the last year tuition at the right time.  I graduated from GCU.  James 2:17 informs us that “Faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.”  It is very important for us to always trust God  We must believe God.  We must give our all to God.  we can not have fear in our hearts.  If we have doubts in our hearts, we will not be able to accomplish anything in this world.  Fear and doubt will keep us from taking our first step in believing God in any situation.  This will automatically kill our dreams.  It will destroy our hope.  God is not going to be please. We have to believe in God to please Him.

Memory verse: Hebrews 11:1

“Faith is taking the first step, even if you cannot see the whole staircase.” K-Love.