“A Praying Mother”

“A Praying Mother”

Monday, May 6.

“And she was in bitterness of soul, and prayed unto the Lord, and wept sore….” 1Samuel 1:10.

The [assage ion Samuel 1 tells the story of Hannah. She was an example of a praying mother. The reason is that her child’s birth was an answer to prayer. Hannah dedicated this child to the Lord. She made a covenant with God through prayer.

When the child was born, Hannah kept her promise to God. Samuel’s life was a good life. This was due to the unceasing prayer of his mother. We learn of the president of the United States whose mother was a praying mother. President Abraham Lincoln’s mother would put him on her knees and pray. It said that she thought it would be the best idea for Abraham Lincoln to read the Bible than to own a farm.

It is our prayers that God will raise up mothers who are prayerful.

Memory verse: Exodus 2:2

“Prayer does not change God, it changes him who pray.” Soren Keikegaard