“Be Mindful of the Words You Utter.”

“Be Mindful of the Words You utter””

Tuesday, November 20.

“But the tongue can no man tame; it is a restless evil, it is full of deadly poison.” James 3:8

The scripture above presents something difficult for every believer.  The scripture tells us that it is difficult to tame the tongue.  If it is difficult to control the tongue, then it is difficult for us Christians to control the word we say to others.  This is true because many Christians will say words to other that are hurtful or offensive.  Husbands or wives will say hurtful words to each other out of mistake.  Siblings will say words to each other that put a wedge between them.  Words that are said to others bring confusion, division, fights, or other bad situations between people.  Wrong words can even put nations at war with each other.  How can we control our words so that we can be a blessings to others?  How can we control our words so that we be a blessings to the church and our fellow Christians? First, we must understand that controlling our tongue enable us to be good disciples of Christ.  It gives us the opportunity to speak life into others, comfort, edify, and exhort others.  This brings people together.  It is alarming when James tells us that no one can tame the tongue.  But James also provides answers.  The Bible provides answers.  We can lean on Jesus Christ to help us control our tongue.  We can ask the Holy Spirit to guide our every word when we speak.  We can be a born again believer and still say words that are wrong.  But we can ask the Holy Spirit for guidance to help edify our tongue.  The Holy Spirit will help us not to say things that are not of God.  Let us trust and ask for the help of the Holy Spirit to guide us always in how we talk.  I pray that the Holy Spirit will give us wisdom at all times, when we utter words.  Let it be our prayers that God will give us wisdom that our words will be a blessings to others.

Memory verse: James 3:6

“The tongue is a small thing, but it is strong enough to break a heart.” Facebook.com/Iloveinspiration.