“God Remembers We Are Dust”

Wednesday, May 8.

“God remembers we are dust” Psalms 103:14

We experience a barrier in knowing God.  This is because we do not know that God knows so much about us.  We tend to forget that God knows our going out and our coming in.  God knows our hidden sins.  Until we know how much God knows about us, we will find it difficult to come close to God.

We can not fool God.  Sometimes, we are reluctant in reading the Bible or praying.  We think of ourselves as failures. But we must all remember that God knows us well. 

This Psalm is one that helps to show God as a compassionate God.  God loves to help the needy.  God shows mercy to the needy.  What are you waiting for today?  Seek God and you will find him.  He remembers that he made you from the dust and has a plan for you.

Memory verse: Psalm 103:6

“God has a bigger plan for me than I for myself.” Youtube.com