“God’s Covenant of Grace”

“He will ever be mindful of his covenant” (Psalms 111:5)

It is an amazing thing for God to enter into covenant with man. The mere fact that God would create man is unimaginable. Paul tells us that he is not surprise that God will think about man. The reason is that God loves humankind unconditionally.

God reminds us throughout Scriptures that he will be our God. This gives us a sense of belonging. God made good on his promise by offering us the chance to make our lives right. This chance is offer through grace. He takes away our sins so we can have eternal life and enjoy his blessings forever. God tells us he will be our God and we are going to be his people.

This covenant is an everlasting covenant. Let us take advantage of it and do what God wants us to do.

Memory verse: Ezekiel 11:19

“Just when life tries to overwhelm you, God’s grace is there to pick you up.” Quotepie.com