God’s Game Plan for the Church”

“God’s Game Plan for the Church”

Thursday, December 10, 2019.

Isaiah 61:1-7

In the United States and many countries of the world, sports is big business.  Some popular sports teams are football, soccer, basketball, hockey and many others. People organized these teams for the purpose of gaining victories. The more victories a team accumulate, the more money.  It is a lucrative business.  In a quest to win, a team must have a game plan.  A game plan is a strategy a coach designs to win or achieve a set goal.  In this game plan by the coach, everyone, including staff and players must comprehend what it is and be ready to execute it.  If there are oppositions to the game plan, it could hamper the team’s effort to win or hinder the chances to win.

This is the same with the church.  The church is not a group, it is a team.  A group is a number of people or things gathered in the same area. A group could be at the park, walking along the trail, just being together without a goal.  A team varies from a group.  A team works together with a common purpose and a common goal. A team has a connection and joins together.  The church is not a group of people, it is a community of people.  It is God’s called out ones or ekklesia.  It is God’s team to win the world to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  GOD HAS A GAME PLAN FOR THE CHURCH.  Let us join in God’s game plan.

Memory verse:  Philippians 4:13.

“If you want to enjoy joy and happiness then serve others with your whole heart.  Lift their burden, and your own burden would be light.”  Ezra Taft Benson