The Passover

“The Passover”

Monday, March 11.

“And when I see the blood, I will pass over you, and no plague will befall you to destroy you, when I strike the land of Egypt”  (Exodus 12:13).

The account of the Passover is a unique experience for the Children of Israel. While its marks the beginning of the exodus of the Israelites from Egyptian bondage, it speaks profoundly to God’s people. This central story of the Old Testament reminds us that unless God intervenes and cover us, we remain in our sinful condition. We remain a rebellious creation.As a rebellious creation, we remain under God’s judgment and condemnation.

The one thing God wants from us is for us to trust. It is important that we trust God. We must know that God is merciful and that He cares for us. He is the God who wants to save us and not condemn us. On this six day of Lent, let us trust God that he can deliver us from our sins.

Memory verse: John 3:16

“Mistakes are always forgivable if we have the courage to admit it.” Bruce Lee